Generate this

Steve linked to Michael Ward’s Create Your Own Thomas Friedman Column a while back. Ward’s template tended to demonstrate the formulaic nature of Friedman’s columns, but it required a little work on the part of the reader to select the variations on Friedman’s themes. Ward’s work inspired Brian Mayer to create the Thomas Friedman Op Ed Generator. If you want to reduce your effort to one click, check out the Generator. Ward and Mayer helpfully explain: “Because this is what his writing actually looks like.”

“Obama’s moment” is a timely column attributed to the Generator. It begins: “An interesting thought occurred to me today—what if small business owners sat down with ordinary people like you and me and ironed out some real solutions to our healthcare crisis?” Hey, it only hurts when I laugh.

JOHN adds: OMG! This is hilarious! I generated a column titled “Bangladesh Is Japan,” which reads uncannily like a Friedman column. And it doesn’t make any sense, either, so it’s pure Friedman. Try it!