Shock Headline: Obama Sticks Up for the U.S.!

Well, it wasn’t exactly a headline, but it did get reported by the Science and Environmental Policy Project. It happened in Doha, Qatar, where the latest global warming gabfest is taking place:

On Monday, November 26, the 18th annual Conference of Parties (COP 18) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) opened in Doha, Qatar, for a two-week session to try to reach an agreement for the control of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to replace the expiring Kyoto Protocol. The opening was accompanied by all too typical claims of a dire future for humanity unless all agree to submit to carbon dioxide (CO2) controls administrated by the UN.

However, there was a surprise. According to a report in the Times of India, in a closed door meeting with green organizations, US chief climate change negotiator Jonathan Pershing reminded the green organizations that the US partially funds their presence at these conferences (other funders were not named) and suggested the green groups tone down their criticism of the US. According to the Times of India, the meeting was secretly recorded and the reporter listened to the recording.

It is quite well established from the budgets of agencies such as the Department of State, that the US is a major funder of these climate conferences. If correct, the report is a stark statement that the US is funding the presence of political agitators at these conferences. In effect, the US is funding a political movement, not a scientific enterprise.

As reported in prior TWTWs, the US has spent at least $107 Billion on global warming / climate change, with about $35 billion on climate science. It is past time for the US government to give a complete accounting of this funding and the funding of political pressure groups such as green non-government organizations (NGOs). Transparency and government integrity are at issue.

It is not unusual for our government to fund friendly political movements. When the Republicans took control of Congress in 1994, “defunding the Left” was one of their major objectives–one, however, that went completely unrealized. Our federal government funds many groups that support left-wing causes and candidates. To take just one example, the voter fraud organization ACORN, which was essentially an arm of the Democratic Party, received massive federal funding until it was exposed by Andrew Breitbart, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles. Anti-energy groups, likewise allies of the Democrats, continue to receive billions in federal support. The establishment view of global warming would be very different if establishment scientists were not receiving billions in federal incentives to keep parroting the global warming line, no matter how scientifically discredited it may be.

So this really is a man-bites-dog story, only because Obama apparently got tired of being denounced by the very leftists whose pockets he is happy to line.


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