John McCain’s silly question

In an interesting side show to immigration reform, Democrats would like to change the law so that foreign nationals in same sex marriages can obtain spousal visas. According to the Washington Post, this would enable up to 40,000 such foreign nationals to apply for legal residency and then U.S. citizenship.

But the idea has prompted strong opposition from Republicans and from some Christian organizations that support comprehensive immigration reform. Sensing the danger of bringing the gay agenda into the immigration reform debate, John McCain asks, “What’s more important, LGBT [lesbian, gay bisexual, or transgender concerns] or border security?”

For Democrats, the question answers itself. They care little, if at all, about border security and plenty about “LGBT.”

The real question for Democrats is: What’s more important, enlisting millions of new Democratic voters or standing up for “gay rights” at the periphery? That question also answers itself.

The matter will be resolved, I assume, by proposing a “biparitsan” comprehensive reform bill that doesn’t speak to the spousal visa rights of gay couples and by an amendment by Democrats to address “LGBT.” The amendment will be defeated, but the Dems will have given it the old college try.