SOTU Media Alert

I’ll be on Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio show tomorrow morning (as a guest, not a host) at 8:05 eastern time to talk about Obama’s State of the Union speech, which I must say I found surprisingly boring and listless.  (Check your local radio listings, or listen online at  With all the buildup, I expected a much stronger and more confrontational speech.  Did the departure of inaugural speechwriter Jon Favreau make this much difference?

I’ll ponder all this will Bill in the morning.  And I’ll be back up with a bunch of posts that have piled up on my spindle while yesterday and today were preoccupied with my Tuesday morning graduate class at Pepperdine.  And on Friday, for any Power Line readers in or near Boulder, Colorado, I’ll be giving a public lecture in the afternoon connected with this old story.  Turn up if you can; I’m sure I’ll need the moral support!


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