Seven injured Syrians treated in Israel

Seven Syrians wounded in fighting in that country’s civil war entered Israel today and received medical treatment. The seven were wounded when Syrian troops bombarded the demilitarized zone near Israel on Saturday in reprisal for rebel action nearby. They arrived at the Syrian-Israeli border fence, where IDF soldiers administered first aid on the spot. The seven were then rushed to Ziv Medical Center in Safed in Northern Israel for additional treatment.

Israel has made it clear that it will not permit Syrian refugees to enter the country en masse. However, as the latest incident confirms, it will allow Syrians into Israel “in special humanitarian cases” to be determined “on a case-by-case basis.”

This policy is sensible and humane. But don’t expect Israel to receive credit for its willingness to provide medical treatment to the seven wounded individuals who, for all the IDF knows, might take up arms against Israel if the circumstances were right.

Indeed, don’t expect the story to be reported outside of Israel.


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