Democrats to Try to Rush Immigration Bill Through Senate?

The Daily Caller reports that the Democrats may be planning to rush their immigration bill through the Senate immediately after the Easter recess, in hopes it can pass before voters find out what is in it:

The Senate’s Democratic leaders may try to rush a nation-changing, economy-shaping immigration law though the Senate as soon as the Easter recess ends April 8, before the public can even read the bill, say GOP insiders.

The GOP’s concerns are fueled by the Senate judiciary committee’s failure to schedule any hearings so that senators, advocates and the public can analyze the draft bill, which is expected to be several hundred pages long.

The pending strategy was highlighted by a recent statement from GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, the leading advocate for the bill, which could grant amnesty to at least 11 million low-skill immigrants, allow them to bring in their relatives, and also allow companies to bring in millions more workers.

“You don’t want to leave it hanging out for two weeks to get shot up” by opponents, Graham told the AP.

Of course not! “Shot up by opponents” means debated, and if the bill is “shot up,” voters may learn what it says and object, as they did last time Graham and his allies tried to enact “comprehensive immigration reform.” So the Democrats want to apply the lesson they learned from Obamacare–vote first, and read the bill later.


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