A Modest Proposal Re: Annexation

As we noted here, Numbers USA has estimated that if the Gang of Eight’s immigration proposal becomes law, at least 33 million immigrants will enter the United States, or be legalized here, over the next ten years. The overwhelming majority will be Mexicans, and most will enter the country as a result of our irrational policy of chain immigration, which will be unlimited as to the relatives of those covered by the bill.

It is remarkable that the bill’s proponents have never offered any estimate of the number of people they expect to enter the United States as a result of its enactment. It is, one suspects, a topic they prefer to avoid. Today, Jeff Sessions said:

[The Gang of Eight] don’t even know how many people would be allowed in the country legally in the next ten years…. We need to know how many people will come, how much it will cost, what the ramifications are, how much it will impact wages, jobs, and unemployment rates in America. It will hurt the working Americans—these numbers—there is no doubt about that. The political goal has to give way to what’s in the best interest of America and the American people.

Where, exactly, are we going to find jobs for 33 million people? How many of the 33 million will go directly onto welfare, without even looking for work? For that matter, where are we going to put them? These are a few of the many questions to which the Gang has no answers.

Here is a modest proposal: if we are going to invite something like 30 million Mexican citizens–a little more than one quarter of Mexico’s population–to abandon their country and come to the U.S., why don’t we also annex a couple of Mexican states? That way, we will get some land and resources along with the people; if nothing else, we will have a place to put them.

A final observation: a Pew survey released today found that 35% of Mexicans say they would come to the United States, given the opportunity. With the unlimited chain migration provided by the Gang’s legislation, the choice will be theirs.


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