Boston (with Updates)

There’s no good purpose in adding to the half-informed speculation on the TV news outlets about what has taken place in Boston.  So far only the NY Post is reporting a Saudi national in custody, but I recall how the authorities rounded up the first Middle Easterner they could find after Oklahoma City in 1995, not to mention the rush to judgment about Richard Jewell after the Atlanta Olympics bombing.  Equally risible are the early suggestions that some right wing activist may be responsible, without any reason to think so beyond the calendar date.  Haven’t heard from Brian Ross yet, however; I’m sure he’ll clear it all up for us.

In the meantime, the most remarkable footage so far has been posted by the Boston Globe:

UPDATE: Watching the police press briefing just now (6 pm eastern), and the police commissioner answered very carefully in denying that anyone is in custody, or why there are reports that some people in the hospital are under police guard.  The most he would say is that some people were being “questioned.”

UPDATE 2: With all the video surveillance cameras around these days, it is likely that the authorities will find some incriminating footage.  Jim Hoft of GatewayPundit has one early report “from a trusted source” that a police officer in a hospital was overheard saying they have footage of a “suspect” dropping bombs into trash cans.  Stay tuned. . .



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