Was It Earth Day, Or April Fools’?

Earth Day wasn’t kind to the Twin Cities, dumping up to ten inches of snow on the metropolitan area. Over the last week, low temperature records have been smashed all across the Upper Midwest. It looks more like Christmas than May Day:

The Twins were snowed out last night for, I believe, the third time this season–can you imagine trying to play baseball in that? But I think they are going to try to sweep off the seats and play today. We Minnesotans are hardy, and April snowstorms are hardly unknown, although this year looks to go down as the snowiest April in recorded history.

All of which is to the discomfiture of local climateers, especially since the same thing has been happening across much of Europe for the last several years. Among the young, as best I can tell, global warming has become a standing joke, the “Reefer Madness” of our time. Which is all to the good.

I remember the first Earth Day. It seemed innocent at the time, probably because there was no money in it. Or very little, anyway. Environmentalists lost their way when they abandoned the traditional conservation issues that command consensus support, and sold out to governments who paid them billions of dollars to advance a political agenda. Green became the new Red. The predominant color today, of course, is neither green nor red. It’s white.


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