Waiting for a Tornado of Speculation

The news broadcasts of the Oklahoma tornado disaster that I saw last night and this morning were thankfully free of speculation that this tornado is proof of—wait for it—global warming, and therefore one more reason to hand over control of our energy sector to environmentalists.  I am certain this will come from the usual people starting today, but for now, note the New York Times’ Andrew Revkin discounting the thesis:

I’ll add a final thought about the persistent discussion of the role of greenhouse-driven climate change in violent weather in Tornado Alley.

It’s an important research question but, to me, has no bearing at all on the situation in the Midwest and South — whether there’s a tornado outbreak or drought. The forces putting people in harm’s way are demographic, economic, behavioral and architectural. Any influence of climate change on dangerous tornadoes (so far the data point to a moderating influence) is, at best, marginally relevant and, at worst, a distraction.

Meanwhile, Stephen Goddard points out that back in 1975, Newsweek (remember them?) blamed an outbreak of tornados on . . . global cooling:

Love how scientists are “almost unanimous” in their assessments of the effects of global cooling.  Sounds almost like a “consensus.”  You can download a complete facsimilie of the whole 1975 Newsweek story here.


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