The Real Climate Threat

There is a certain irony in the fact that statists are trying to get people riled up about global warming. History’s warm eras–Roman times, the Medieval Warm Period, and the current warm cycle that follows the Little Ice Age–have been good times for humans and for the vast majority of animals. It is cold periods that we should dread, which is why the statists’ first choice, back in the 1970s, was to claim that human civilization is bringing about another Ice Age.

Now that’s something to worry about! Anthony Watts reminds us of the real climate threat, bearing in mind that, geologically speaking, we are still living in the Ice Age. This graphic compares the depth of the ice during the last Ice Age with the height of current skyscrapers in several northern cities:

Where I am sitting right now, in suburban Minneapolis, the ice was a half mile thick, if I remember correctly. That would put us somewhere between Chicago and Boston–in other words, way higher than my house. A return of colder weather would be an utter disaster for the human race and for most animals. An increase of a half a degree in average global temperature? Seriously? Bring it on!


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