George W. Bush In Africa

Barack Obama is touring Africa, touching politically correct bases and posing for photo-ops as his foreign policy goes up in flames. Via InstaPundit, we learn that coincidentally, George W. Bush is in Africa too. Among other things, Bush has helped renovate a women’s clinic in Zambia. That is, he has helped personally, not by giving gaseous speeches.

I am pretty sure that W. would be more useful in this endeavor than–to take just one example–me. While in Zambia, he attended a Catholic church service:

As Paul has noted, Bush is popular in Africa for his anti-AIDS initiative; more, no doubt, than for his personal efforts to improve the lives of poor Africans. Still, the unfolding disaster of the Obama administration reminds us that, while to be a good president it is not enough to be a good man, it definitely helps.