The Beholden State: The video

Steve wrote here about his appearance last week at the event promoting the northern California launch for the Manhattan Institute’s new collection of City Journal California articles entitled The Beholden State: California’s Lost Promise and How to Recapture It.  Steve spoke on a panel at the City Club along with City Journal editors and authors Brian Anderson, Steve Malanga, and Ben Boychuk.

Steve noted that the book covers the entire coastline and interior of California’s multiple dysfunctionalities with familiar writers and true experts including Victor Davis Hanson, William Voegeli, and Joel Kotkin. City Journal editor Brian Anderson now writes to alert us to a video they have put together for the book. The video features Hanson, Kotkin, Heather Mac Donald and Andrew Klavan talking about California’s glorious past, miserable present, and uncertain future. Please check it out below.


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