The Bull and the Clown

Regrettably, I have been too busy practicing law over the last week to give much attention to the Missouri rodeo clown episode. Many questions could be asked about that incident, and should be: How much deference should be paid to a sitting President? Why is it outrageous to make fun of President Obama, given the almost unbelievable insults that were leveled against George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and other Republican presidents of recent times? If it is awful to ask an audience whether they would like to see Barack Obama run over by a bull, what are we to make of George W. Bush assassination chic, which was applauded not at rodeos, but in supposedly sophisticated art galleries and film festivals? If it is “racist” to put on a Barack Obama mask that is identifiably African-American, why isn’t it “racist” to wear a Nixon or Bush mask that is identifiably Caucasian?

That list is hardly exhaustive. For the moment, let’s just note this cartoon by Michael Ramirez, which doesn’t try to explore the bizarre angles of the rodeo flap, but draws attention back to the more important issue of Obamacare:

Maybe over the weekend I will find time to say more about the rodeo clown.


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