Obama’s War on Energy

Well, at least Obama’s plans to attack domestic energy are going better than his plans for attacking Syria.  The EPA is about to release a new draft rule effectively prohibiting new coal-fired power plants.  The rule will undoubtedly face a stiff legal challenge, but that takes time, and in the meantime coal mines and utilities facing the regulatory uncertainty will get squeezed in the marketplace.

Meanwhile, Scott has written here before about Ron Binz, Obama’s radical nominee to head the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  The seven-minute video below reviews his greatest hits about how “policy” (i.e., government dictates by thugs like him) rather than cost or the marketplace should drive energy supply.  Binz goes all Germany on us, apparently oblivious to how costs to German consumers and business are soaring and how even Germany’s green-leaning government is backing away from the whole scheme.  (I think I’ll call him “Mercedes Binz,” since that’s his view of what energy should cost consumers; his slogan is obvious: Policy uber alles.)

If you want to know more about FERC, see this 2-minute video from our friends at the Institute for Energy Research: