Chevy Has The Right Idea

I sometimes say that America’s social and political decline began with the end of the great Chevrolet ad campaign of my childhood, the one that had the famous tag line, “See the U-S-A, in a Chev-ro-let!”  It channeled that whole “sea-to-shinig-sea, amber-waves-of-grain” thing, along with the image of the independent American family.  By the time I got my driver’s license in the 1970s, Sunday drives were a thing of the past, in part because gas stations were closed on Sundays, by “request” of the president.  And of course cars are politically incorrect now (which is why I own three of them, and always keep a large SUV in the fleet).

I noted here the other day Henry Olsen’s important article on how Republicans are blowing it with the white working class, and a couple of our readers [hat tip to JP & KM] have suggested to me that maybe what Republicans need to do is channel the vibe captured in this new 60-second Chevrolet ad–maybe even hire the same ad agency.  I think they’re on to something here:


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