Washington Redskins won’t change their name

And that’s too bad in a way. As a reader points out, many Americans, Indian and otherwise, are offended these days by the “Washington” part of the name.

In any event, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, having met with Redskins owner Dan Snyder earlier in the week, delivered the message to representatives from Oneida Indian Nation, the group that has been leading the charge for a name change. The Nation’s representatives didn’t take it well. Reportedly, they left the meeting frustrated, claiming that the NFL had “defended the use of a racist name.”

The designated Representative of the Oneida Indian Nation, and the CEO of its enterprises including casinos, is Ray Halbritter, who some say isn’t really an Oneida Indian. Halbritter is a major contributor to President Obama. Perhaps the Redskins could be renamed the Washington Bundlers (or maybe Bunglers, if the team’s play doesn’t improve soon).

I’m pretty sure that one day Washington’s NFL team will change its name. When this happens, I hope it’s because the owner doesn’t like the name, not because left-wing activists such as Halbritter have demanded a change.


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