When she’s moving her lips again

This week House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recalled her deprived Baltimore childhood in (fictitious) thralldom to the Washington Redkskins. Today an observant reader reminds us of her minor loyalty conflict in this year’s Super Bowl as a result of her deep but previously forgotten childhood ties to the Baltimore Colts (whole thing here):

Q: Madam Leader, also on another subject quickly, could you discuss your possible divided loyalties, having been born in Baltimore, and San Francisco in the upcoming Super Bowl?

A: I am wearing red. That is a 49er color. Let me say this, and I told this to Mr. Hoyer when he said he wanted to make a wager. I said, I am rooting for the 49ers, I am not rooting against Baltimore. My father built Baltimore Memorial Stadium as Mayor, brought the Colts there, brought the Orioles there. I am a Baltimore sports fan as my second team; now it is the Ravens. I am so proud of them. But my constituency is San Francisco, and my children were raised going to games with Joe Montana and all of the stars, Steve Young and everyone since then. And I most certainly will be supporting, as I say, rooting for the 49ers, not rooting against the Ravens.

I was rooting for both of them to go to the Super Bowl, and then they both did. But the only consolation I have is the Harbaugh parents must have a more difficult decision to make on that day. But I fully intend to be at the game.

So thank you very much. Thank you all.

Thank you, Madam Leader, as always.