Christmas Book Recommendation No. 1

It’s that time of year: what to buy our friends and relatives for Christmas? I personally haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet, but that isn’t unusual. Pretty much the only presents I ever buy are books; my wife takes care of the rest. This year, I decided on a theme for my Power Line book recommendations: I will limit them to books by authors I know.

9780449816813_p0_v1_s260x420So my first book recommendation is The Christmas Wish, by Lori Evert and Per Breiehagen. Per and Lori are husband and wife, and friends of my wife’s, and mine, from her single days. Per is from Norway and is a notable photographer and outdoorsman. He served, for example, as the official photographer of the Will Steger expedition to the South Pole. Per has become a successful photographer, and he and Lori have a daughter named Anja.

Lori wrote The Christmas Wish, which stars Anja, and Per took the photographs. The book begins when Anja, who has always wanted to be one of Santa’s elves, decides the time has come to find Santa Claus and sign up. A number of the pictures in the book were taken in and around Per’s family’s home in Norway. Some of the more spectacular ones–Anja with a polar bear–were, I trust, photoshopped, but too skillfully to notice. Click to enlarge:


It’s a cute book, heavy on photography like most Christmas books of its type, and it already seems poised to become something of a classic. Target is promoting the book rather heavily, and realistically, I suppose their endorsement means more than mine. Still, I encourage you to check out The Christmas Wish and consider it as a present for anyone of an appropriate age, like, say, under 80.

Anja Reindeer 03

More book recommendations to come.


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