Diversity or Perversity?

Sociology CourseIt’s not really true that every other course here at the University of Colorado at Boulder is about race, class, and gender.  It just seems that way.  Such courses are widely advertised on all the campus bulletin boards, like the special course in the sociology department pictured here (click to embiggen).  In fact, if you did a scientific survey of the campus bulletin boards, my guess is that four-fifths of the self-made flyers advertising courses for the next semester are for holy trinity (race, class, gender) classes.  I haven’t seen one yet for a science course, and three quarters of the student body here are majoring in STEM subjects.

Some students tell me they face constant pressure to sign up for these courses because many of them simply go begging.  Ought to tell you something.

One thing it might tell you is that folks here just aren’t using their imagination.  Because down at the Denver campus of the University of Colorado, the “cultural diversity coordinator” of the ethnic studies department has really branched out—into phone sex and soft core porn videos.  Now that’s diversity!

DENVER (CBS4) – A veteran University of Colorado Denver administrator is under investigation and has been placed on paid administrative leave for apparently operating a phone sex business at the same time she has been getting paid by the university.

“The University of Colorado Denver takes this allegation very seriously,” said CU Denver Vice Chancellor of Communications Leanna Clark after learning about the phone sex business from CBS4. She said the University “has initiated a thorough internal investigation.”

The university began its probe this week after learning a CBS4 investigation would air into the moonlighting activities of Resa Cooper-Morning, the cultural diversity coordinator with UCD’s Ethnic Studies department. . .

[One witness] told CBS4 “she is taking calls at work. I’ve been in her office and she’s said, ‘Oh, let me be right back I have a phone call.’ She takes them very discreetly, shuts her door takes phone sex calls on CU of Denver’s pay.”

Now, if she’d only had the wit to do this in the classroom instead of an administrator’s office, it would be covered by “academic freedom.”  On the other hand, there’s this:

In 2008, the University of Colorado honored Cooper-Morning for her service to her community and to CU.

Of course they did.  And why not?  Initiative like this shouldn’t go unrewarded:

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