Abbas enters year 10 of a four-year term

If one can achieve a certain level of detachment, the exertions of Secretary of State Kerry to establish Palestinian statehood and therewith an end to the Arab war against Israel take on a comic aspect. The “Palestinians” lack a civil society that might support a state. The political structure of their putative state is a shambles, with a frankly genocidal and terrorist group having run off with its Gaza outpost. And the president of the remainder is now entering year 10 of a four-year term.

Congratulations are in order, but they are in short supply. So far as I know, the astute Khaled Abu Toameh is alone among journalists covering the Arab-Israel conflict to extend mabrouk to Abbas (and expand on the related absurdities):

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas deserves congratulations (mabrouk in Arabic). He has just entered his tenth year of his four-year term in office.

The next time US Secretary of State John Kerry visits Ramallah, he should not forget to congratulate Abbas on this happy occasion.

The fact that Abbas has is now in his tenth year of his four-year term in office should also serve as a reminder to Kerry that the PA president does not really have a mandate from his people to sign any agreement with Israel.

Abbas, who turns 79 in March, became President of the PA on January 2005. He was elected to serve until January 9, 2009.

But he has since used the conflict between his Fatah faction and Hamas as an excuse to remain in power.

Abbas’s critics maintain that his decision unilaterally to extend his term in office violates Palestinian Basic Law. They have also warned that Abbas’s move paves the way for “constitutional and legislative anarchy” in the Palestinian territories.

By remaining in power beyond his term, Abbas has given Hamas and other Palestinians a good excuse to argue that he is in no way authorized to sign a peace agreement with Israel…

I know, I know. You all want me to express the hope that Abbas does not serve as an inspiration to President Obama, but I’m leaving that to you.


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