Barack Obama Celebrates Presidents’ Day

So it’s Presidents’ Day. I assume that by the end of the day, Scott will post a thoughtful reflection on America’s greatest presidents, Washington and Lincoln, in whose honor the day is set aside. Meanwhile, via Twitter, here is an image of Barack Obama spending the day contemplating his favorite president. Click to enlarge:


Heh. Democratic Party strategist Donna Brazile saw today’s holiday as an opportunity, and urged Obama to get cracking:


Obama-at-beachHer tweet elicited howls of protest, but I think the criticism was overdone. No doubt there are various executive decisions Obama could make that would be constitutional. However, the point is moot. Today, Obama is neither striving heroically to move the ball forward in the face of determined opposition, nor scheming to undermine Congress’s constitutional prerogatives. He is golfing.

Happy Presidents’ Day to our readers.


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