Ripe for Mocking: The NGO Community

Fans of This Is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and similar “mockumentaries” will be delighted to learn that someone has trained their cinematic sarcasm on the NGO community.  Long overdue: the entire universe of self-appointed, do-gooder NGOs are among the most insidious forces in modern political life.

Aid for Aid copyThe Samaritans comes out of Kenya, and takes aim at an NGO plausibly named “Aid for Aid.”  (That name itself guarantees repeat laughs.)  The creator of the series explained his inspiration:

There is no end to the crazy stories. I think it kind of dawned on me when I was working at a five-star hotel here in Nairobi a few years ago that NGOs aren’t always what they seem. All these guys were gathered around eating lobster bisque and discussing how to reduce poverty. Something didn’t seem right.

Here’s the minute and a half trailer:

There’s still some question about distribution for this mockumentary series, but we’d be willing to host it here on Power Line.


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