Law and order governance, Democrat style

Minnesota is the beat of John and Scott, but I can’t resist noting this story by Andrew Johnson at NRO. It seems that Governor Mark Dayton has advised parents of children with disabilities to buy marijuana in the street, given that medical marijuana has not been legalized in Minnesota.

Jessica Hauser, whose son suffers from a form of epilepsy, reports that Dayton gave her this advice during a private meeting. Dayton does not deny Hauser’s account of their meeting. Instead, he states: “I cannot, and I do not, advocate breaking the law, but as a father, I understand parents who would do anything possible to help their children.”

But Dayton does not sympathize sufficiently to support pending legislation that would legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. According to this account in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Dayton has said he will not support a medical-marijuana bill that lacks the backing of state law-enforcement groups.

Apparently, Dayton is more deferential to “law enforcement groups” than he is to law enforcement. However, as Hauser wonders, “is [buying marijuana on the street] what his law friends in law enforcement would prefer as well?”


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