The Louisiana Senate race — a pessimistic view

Byron York takes a comprehensive look at the Louisiana Senate race between Sen. Mary Landrieu and Rep. Bill Cassidy. The polls show that this one is a dead heat as of now.

Byron finds that, although Obamacare will play a significant role in the race, the deciding factor may be the extent to which elections are won by bringing home the bacon. Landrieu is, of course, a masterful deliverer of bacon.

Cassidy says that the political debate has moved into what one aide called a “post-pork paradigm” — an era in which voters choose lawmakers based on policy, not goodies from Washington. If Cassidy’s chances of victory rest on this proposition, I’m afraid I might have to bet on Landrieu.

Byron seems to be leaning that way too. He concludes, “there are a lot of reasons to think [Landrieu] will be able to win one more time.”


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