Report: Foiled Pakistani terror plot targeted Israeli and U.S. consulates

The Times of India reports that Pakistani intelligence services were planning a terrorist attack against the Israeli mission in Bengaluru (also known as Bangalore) and the American consulate in Chennai (both are cities in Southern India). The reported plot was thwarted when Indian security officials interrogated a Sri Lankan national who allegedly was hired by a Pakistani agent to conduct reconnaissance of the two diplomatic missions.

The Sri Lankan, Sakir Hussain, had pictures of the Israeli and U.S. consulates and their immediate surroundings and access points. He had reportedly emailed these pictures to his Pakistani handlers. Cyber signatures allegedly confirmed that the pictures were downloaded at a computer within the premises of Pakistan’s high commission in Colombo.

Hussain reportedly told his Indian interrogators that the Pakistani intelligence outfit, ISI, was planning to send two men to carry out the attacks. Hussain’s task, in addition to supplying the pictures, was to arrange travel documents and hideouts for the Pakistani agents.

A Pakistani official denied the report, claiming that it was part of a “malicious media campaign.”

As the Jerusalem Post notes, Israel’s foreign missions have proven vulnerable to terrorism, particularly in Asia. What’s particularly interesting about his instance is the alleged involvement of Pakistan’s ISI and the fact that a U.S. consulate was also targeted.

NOTE: Although this terrorist plot was foiled, twin bomb blasts aboard the Bangalore-Guwahati Express in Chennai killed at least one person and injured more than a dozen others last week.