Camp of the Saints revisited

We appear to be the subject of an apocalyptic invasion of minor children from Central America coming across our border with Mexico. At the Christian Science Monitor, Mark Sappenfield puts enough information before the interested reader to allow the reader to draw his own conclusion about what is happening.

CNN reports the story today from McAllen, Texas. CNN’s three reporters on the story stand in contrast with Sappenfield; they arrive like squid trailing clouds of ink behind them.

Stephen Dinan has been covering the story for the Washington Times. Yesterday he reported on the question of causation:

[T]he president of the Border Patrol union for Tucson, which is processing many of the children and families flooding across the border, said the agents tell him the surge was caused by rumors of an impending amnesty reaching back to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

“We talk to these individuals — the agents ask what made you do it. The general answer that we’re getting from a lot of these individuals is, we heard there was going to be an amnesty,” said Art Del Cueto, president of Local 2544.

It is an amazing story that has not drawn the attention it deserves, other than on Drudge. What is the response of the Obama administration? What is to be done? Eric Holder’s response is representative: Get them lawyers! Jean Raspail, call your office.

The reaction of the Obama administration requires examination on par with the seriousness of the invasion itself. Focusing on the invasion, Megyn Kelly devoted a segment to the story last night on her Kelly File show (video below). I trust there will be more to come.