The war Obama believes in

In the adjacent post, I say that when your project is the “fundamental transformation” of the United States, as Obama’s is, you can’t necessarily divulge all the details. On one front of the transformation, however, Obama and his crew have been relatively forthright. They openly profess a “war on coal.” Indeed, it may be the only “war” they believe in. In the video below, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy openly professes it.

“The clean power program,” Bill Maher asks her. “Some people called it a war on coal. I hope it is a war on coal. Is it?”

McCarthy responds: “Actually, EPA is all about fighting against polution and fighting for public health.” Then she directly answered Maher’s question: “That’s exactly what this is.”

Kyle Smith draws the larger picture in “Red state Democrats risk becoming carbon heretics.” From the standpoint of pure politics, I have to believe it leaves something to be desired, but it makes me want to hear more from General McCarthy, and more frequently.

Via Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard, whose transcription I have borrowed.


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