Why CNN Is Going Nowhere

CNN’s ratings have been dismal for quite a while now. The network made a smart move in hiring Jake Tapper; that might have been a sign that the network’s management intends to turn things around by producing solid, responsible journalism rather than racing MSNBC to the bottom. But no: CNN announced yesterday that it has named David Chalian as its new Political Director.

Who is David Chalian? Prior to August 2012, he was the Washington bureau chief for Yahoo News. But Yahoo fired him after ABC News distributed, apparently inadvertently, a video in which Chalian said that Mitt and Ann Romney “aren’t concerned at all [about Hurricane Isaac]. They are happy to have a party with black people drowning.”

To its credit, Yahoo fired Chalian immediately. But now CNN has promoted Chalian, who has worked for the network since July 2013, to be its Political Director. In that capacity, he will “manage CNN’s political reporters and producers and oversee all political coverage.” So CNN evidently intends to devote itself to goofball leftism rather than reporting, thereby competing for the lowest-IQ segment of the cable news audience.


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