Remy Rings a Bell

The New York Times Magazine today carries a cover story about why math is hard, and perhaps that helps explain widespread economic illiteracy. Maybe the Times should do a sequel on this very topic, except that it might expose too many of its premier columnists (not mentioning any names of course).

Anyway, most economists will tell you that your attitude about the minimum wage is a test as to whether you paid attention to the first day of Econ 101 (and even the NY Times editorial page said as recently as 1987 that the right minimum wage should be zero).  But Common Core liberalism requires a higher minimum wage now as an article of faith.  And the latest salvo is this Kristin Bell video (I recommend skipping it though) where she channels Mary Poppins in favor of Krugmanomics.  Well, our pal Remy Munasifi strikes back:

And don’t forget this from yesterday:

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