Say it ain’t so, Jeh!

On Meet the Press this morning, David Gregory did a commendable job of trying to get an answer from Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to this question (my words): will most of the illegal minors stay or be deported? Johnson obscures his answer in a political word cloud that I confidently translate: “Stay.” Analyze this:

Gregory asks: “I know there’s a process they have to go through. Will most of these children that we have seen in this desperate situation stay in America, or will they be returned to their homes in Central America?”

Johnson responds: “There’s a deportation proceeding that is commenced against illegal migrants, including children. We are looking at ways to create additional options for dealing with the children, in particular consistent with our laws and our values.”

Gregory tries again: “I’m trying to get an answer to will most of them end up staying, in your judgment?”

Johnson responds: “I think we need to find more efficient, effective ways to turn this tide around generally and we’ve already begun to do that.”

Why so shy, Jeh?

Video and transcribed quotes via Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard.


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