Hamas’s “victory”

Hamas and Israel have entered into a ceasefire on terms mediated by the government of Egypt. I believe that the terms mirror those to which Israel agreed on July 15. Hamas proclaims victory while Israel is already engaged in the political debate and self-criticism that follows its inconclusive wars. Bassam Tawil takes an illuminating look at Hamas’s “victory.'” Unfortunately, Hamas survives to continue on its genocidal mission.

The genocidal mission is set forth in Hamas’s charter and the mission explains Hamas’s modus operandi. See, for example, the facts laid out in Tawil’s column. Hamas’s charter does not explain the useful idiots who fail to take its charter seriously.

Is Yahoo News Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff one such useful idiot? He did not seem to mind playing the fool in his recent interview with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, speaking from his lair in Doha, Qatar. Isikoff’s account of the interview is posted together with a six-minute video in which Isikoff can be seen earnestly asking Meshaal such tough questions as “what did you mean?” when you said that what the Israel is doing in Gaza is “like the Holocaust.”

Just before the ceasefire, the UN published maps showing the damage in ‎Gaza‬, but, according to the IDF, the UN’s maps tell only half the story. The truth is that many of these buildings, including schools and hospitals, were used by Hamas‬ for to launch rockets. This is one video you probably won’t be seeing on CNN.

UPDATE: For the Israeli political aftermath as of today, see David Horovitz’s “The war Netanyahu one, and the one he may lose.”


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