The Democrats’ New Talking Point: Ted Cruz Runs the House!

The Democrats are desperately trying to keep their impeachment fantasy alive. Why, I am not sure; constantly associating the word “impeachment” with the leader of your party seems like a bad idea. Nevertheless, that is what they are doing. On ABC this morning, White House political adviser Dan Pfeiffer introduced a new theme: impeachment is a threat, because Ted Cruz controls the House of Representatives!

At about the same time, Democratic Congressman Hakeem Jeffries was on Fox News Sunday, promoting the idea that Obama will be impeached. (I still don’t get it.) It would be fun to read the memo that Jeffries obviously got: Ted Cruz is running the House of Representatives!

This is a wonderful talking point, combining the Democrats’ weird preoccupation with impeachment with their obsessive Cruz-hatred. By the way, has Ted Cruz even advocated impeachment? No, he hasn’t. But logic is optional if you are a Democrat.


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