Whopper Donut Cheeseburgers, Eh?

I want mine medium-rare.

I want mine medium-rare.

So Burger King is going to acquire the Canadian Tim Horton’s donut chain, in yet another tax inversion that causes so much cranial-rectal inversions among liberals. I sure hope we get a donut Whopper cheeseburger out of this merger.  With bacon.  That would be more awesome than a deep-fried Twinkie. (Lo and behold, turns out the genera already exist.)

Even more delightful than finding out that liberal hero Warren Buffett is financing this tax-avoidance merger is the dilemma this poses for the fast-food nutrition police (Michelle Obama, call your office). Before we call out Burger King for its supposed lack of patriotism (“Et Tu, Burger King?” asks Obama economic crony Jared Bernstein, while Sen. Sharrod Brown is calling for a BK boycott), shouldn’t we ask a couple of basic questions first? If the fast-food industry is so bad for America, shouldn’t we applaud that its HQ is leaving?

Faithful Power Line reader Richard Samuelson asks an even more delightful version of this:

Is it worth pointing out that the Progressive push to educate our elites out of their Americanism gives them no reason to stay in the U.S., or to keep the companies they run in the U.S.?

Heh. Where’s my donut?  (Besides, I thought for the left, corporations aren’t “people.”  Can a non-person be unpatriotic?)