Ein Klein Nichtmusik

We took early notice here a couple days ago in “Full Frontal Environmentalism” of Naomi Klein’s forthcoming book This Changes Everything. We may need to start a running series here about Klein, as the left is clearly trying to create a publishing sensation akin to Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century and Perlstein’s The Invisible Bridge. (By the way, did you happen to catch that Amazon’s Kindle folks leaked the data that most readers of Piketty on Kindle stop reading by page 26? I suspect something similar will occur with Perlstein.) Klein has received lavish pre-publication notices in such important policy journals as Vogue. (And you didn’t think climate change was an important issue for the fashion industry!)

We already know what this is all about, but let’s keep a log. Klein appearsa in the Canadian news magazine MacLean’s today. Read the whole thing if you have time, but my favorite part of the Q & A is this:

MacLean’s: Can you give an example of the kinds of action you see as necessary?

Klein: In Germany, you see a very rapid rise of renewables. That gives me a lot of hope. Germany is a country Canadians can relate to: the economy is not that different from ours. They have managed a dramatic energy transition, starting from six per cent of their energy from renewables. Now they’re at 25 per cent with a goal of 60 per cent.

MacLean’s: And yet emissions are actually up.

Heh. MacLean’s obviously doesn’t know you aren’t supposed to ask embarrassing follow up questions like that. (Never mind that Klein’s figures for German renewables are nonsense.) Klein’s weak answer:

Klein: Angela Merkel is not simultaneously standing up to the coal lobby.

Really: All you need to do is say “nicht” to coal and the world will stop warming? What a charmed life the climatistas lead.

As I say, this book rollout is going to be fun to watch. “Late capitalism”? More like late climate change-ism.