The odds are against a nuclear deal with Iran, thankfully

The Washington Post reports that, as the “deadline” for a nuclear deal with Iran approaches, there is major doubt about whether such a deal can be reached. Michael Ledeen shares that doubt.

Michael reasons that, although Obama wants a deal for the usual, narcissistic reasons, “Supreme Leader” Khamenei does not want one. Iran’s economy is doing well enough now that sanctions regime has started to crumble. Why come to terms with the Great Satan just to provide Obama with a legacy?

According to Michael, the only deal Khamenei will agree to is one that plainly humiliates the United States. In other words, a deal under which sanctions are nullified and Iran keeps its nuclear program.

Will Obama agree to that deal? It’s not out of the question. But the French might balk and congressional Republicans certainly would. That’s the recipe for a firestorm that, unlike the one over amnesty, Obama doesn’t need.

Thus, the odds are that the deadline will pass, the parties will keep talking, the sanctions will keep crumblling, and the Iranian nuclear program will keep progressing. The only thing worse would be a deal.


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