In which Glenn Kessler responds

Michelle Ye Hee Lee works as a reporter for the Washington Post’s Fact Check column under the editorial supervision of Glenn Kessler. I tweeted Kessler a link to my post “In which we award Michelle Ye Hee Lee one Rather” with the question beloved by former students of Latin poetry and satire if not cliché: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? For those unfamiliar with Juvenal’s Satires or classic clichés, in English that’s Who will guard the guardians themselves? I’m sure that’s a question Kessler gets asked a lot as the Washington Post’s fact-checker in chief.

Kessler responded to me via Twitter (below). He advises that he edited Lee’s column and fully stands behind it. He also asserts that the one Pinocchio Lee awarded Giuliani for his claims that Sharpton has visited the White House “80, 85 times” and is a “close adviser” of Obama is pretty good, by the way=”mostly true[.]” (For a more complete explanation of the ranking, see here.) I say it’s not good enough but I’m pleased to let the reader decide. I also thank Kessler for the courtesy of his response.