Is the Obama Administration Funding Opposition to Netanyahu?

We wrote here and here about the fact that the Obama administration is actively working to defeat Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu in that country’s upcoming election. Obama’s national field director, Jeremy Bird, has traveled to Israel to organize the opposition to Netanyahu. He is working in conjunction for the foreign-funded organization “One Voice,” which is leading the campaign to unseat Netanyahu and elect a leftist government.

That One Voice collaborates with Barack Obama’s State Department is no secret. The U.S. Department of State is listed as a “partner” of One Voice on that organization’s web site, along with Britain’s Labour and Conservative Parties, Harvard University, Google, the Association of British Muslims, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and others.

Today Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Lee Zeldin wrote to John Kerry, asking whether American taxpayer dollars are going toward the effort to unseat Israel’s government:

20150129 Letter to Secretary Kerry

As the letter notes, One Voice has received two cash grants from the Obama State Department in 2014. Cruz and Zeldin make a number of very reasonable requests for information from the State Department, but they’ll never get it. There is only one play in the Obama playbook: stonewall.

In the meantime, Obama says it would be “inappropriate” to meet with Netanyahu when the Prime Minister is in the U.S. in March, given the proximity of the Israeli election–an election that Obama is trying to sway toward Netanyahu’s opponents. The man deserves a place in the hypocrisy hall of fame.


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