Senator Tom Cotton

This evening, I attended a reception in honor of Tom Cotton who will be sworn in as a Senator tomorrow by Vice President Joe Biden. Tom now has a beard. Does it make him look more Senatorial? I don’t know. Check out his swearing in on C-SPAN and see what you think.

Tom was very gracious as he greeted those of us in the receiving line. Although not a glad-hander, he is a very good conversationalist.

Speaking of conversations, it doesn’t seem that long ago that Tom, in his early 30s and still in the army, first told me over beers about his Senate aspirations. The fact is, it wasn’t that long ago. Tom’s rise has been meteoric and may well continue to be.

Senate committee assignments have been announced. Tom will be on the Armed Services Committee, the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, the Joint Economic Committee, and a special Committee on Aging.

In a sense, the last assignment makes us all his constituents, and me more than most.

Congratulations to Senator Cotton and thanks to the many Power Line readers who supported him. I’m very confident that he will be an outstanding Senator.