The Ultimate Climatista Farce

If the Olympics ever make Shark-Jumping an official sport, the climatistas will dominate the medals.

It seems the desperate climatistas are really getting serious now: they’re going to hold a “Live Earth” rock concert!  Whoa—the planet is surely saved now!  Well, okay, so this is reported in Rolling Stone, which means it has less than a 50/50 chance of being accurate. But let’s give them the doubt of the benefit.

If they were to practice what they preach and power the event by solar panels, windmills, and unicorn flop sweat, they’d have to call it “Live Earth, Dead Air.”  Did I say “practice what they preach”? When you stop laughing, take in that the event was announced by Al Gore (enough said) at the World Economic Forum currently under way in Davos, where a reported 1,700 private jets flew in the attendees to discuss . . . climate change. And joining Gore at the announcement was Mr. Happy himself, Pharrell Williams, who generates his own personal carbon footprint the size of several African nations in this jet (not to mention his yachts and fleet of luxury cars):

Pharrel Williams Private Plane copy

There’s an interesting tidbit at the bottom of the story.  It says that 8 million people watched the 2007 Live Earth concert live-streamed on the Internet.  This was the most energy intensive way possible to have watched the event—much more than on regular TV.  Anyone who watches streaming video is connected to an energy use chain (when you factor in all the servers and wireless signal power needs for smartphones and tablets) that is the equivalent of running a refrigerator for the same amount of time.

I didn’t see Neil Young in the lineup, which is too bad, since he offers us this new tune, “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?”  (Again, don’t watch this with a mouthful of coffee and near a keyboard.  Power Line is not responsible for damages.)

Don’t Let It Bring You Down, indeed.

I think we need Dana Carvey to come out of retirement to reprise “Every Neil Young song you’ve ever heard.”  (Scroll ahead to the 3:20 mark on this video and you’ll see what I mean, though the whole thing is pretty funny.)


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