Thoughts from the ammo line

Keeping up with the Obama administration, Ammo Grrrll is PIVOTING TO JOBS:

Every few months, this wretched Administration announces with great fanfare that, having succeeded in ruining everything else, it is now going to “pivot” to jobs. Of course, as anyone who has ever played basketball knows, you pivot enough, you just go in circles, unless your pivot foot slips and you get called for the ancient foul of “traveling.” Now in the NBA you can walk the ball from the door of your mansion to the basket, no problem. But I digress.

The pivot happened again last week, only they weren’t even pretending to talk about American workers. No, we need to provide jobs for psychotic jackasses lest they become jihadis. Michelle Malkin had her usual brilliant takedown on the “poverty” of the leading jihadis. Well worth a read – take notes! – if you missed it.

But this strategy is surely worth a try. Why, I remember when Granddad, fresh from a stint in the Crusades, sat me on his knee and said, “Honey, we are so bleeping marginalized. We are one of the few families in this little South Dakota town that is neither Norwegian nor even Lutheran. I have no job except trying to raise a few pigs in the back yard. If I don’t get a job pretty soon, I may be forced to behead someone. It’s one of the few perks of marginalization.”

And Grandma just nodded and continued cooking for her tiny cafe where you could get (true story) roast beef, mashed potatoes, a slice of homemade bread and butter and a piece of apple pie for a quarter. She had a job that she created herself but it only occupied her about 15 hours a day so she had plenty of time to sew orange jumpsuits for the doomed.

Down the block (another true story) there lived a man whose enterprising 10-year-old son had a popcorn wagon and this kid made more money in a week (sometimes several dollars) than the man himself did. So, the man had no choice, no choice at all, but to go to the neighboring town and kidnap all the female persons and “marry” them off to his friends. Who could blame him, being underemployed and all? On the way back, he dropped in to the high school to behead the teacher in front of the students. Yay – job opening!

Yes, during the Depression, what with 25 percent of the workforce unemployed, and the other 75 percent mostly underemployed, there was a lot of beheading, crucifixion, kidnapping, stoning, and immolation. These side effects of unemployment have been hitherto relatively unknown but that will be corrected with Depression History Month coming up in August right after High Horse Month where all the terrible, no good, very bad things that Christians and Jooz have done will be highlighted. (Sure, you might think the Salk polio vaccine and Wasserman tests for syphilis were good, but, hey, autism!)

Meanwhile, back in South Dakota, because of unemployment, all the young girls also had to have mutilation of important lady bits, and several “bachelor” farmers were thrown off the barns and stoned if they survived. What a lot of bad stuff can happen when you don’t have a good job! After the Depression, that little popcorn wagon boy became a multimillionaire (still true story) and prosperity reigned. Beheadings tapered off to almost nothing.


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