“If You Like Your Peace In Our Time…”

In Lausanne, talks with Iran continue past the supposed March 31 deadline. This is no surprise, since the deadline was wholly arbitrary. The Washington Post reports:

Negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program blew past a Tuesday deadline, U.S. officials said, with diplomats struggling to reach consensus on the difficult issues of sanctions, enrichment research and future limits. …

The decision to keep talking suggests negotiators believe an accord in some form is still possible.

Of course it is! We just need to yield on a few more points.

The extension was surprising, partly because State Department officials had been adamant that the March 31 deadline they set when an interim agreement was extended in November was firm.

It wasn’t surprising to us.

In fact, the deadline was mostly about American politics.

Naturally. Everything in this administration is about politics. National security is an afterthought, if that.

Few lawmakers reacted publicly on Tuesday to the latest developments in the talks. But Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said that the prolonging of talks into an extra day, “in the face of Iranian intransigence and duplicity, proves once again that Iran is calling the shots.” He also predicted Obama would make “further concessions” to Tehran.

That’s a pretty safe prediction. Much safer than, say, Kentucky in the Final Four.

We have had much to say about the administration’s negotiations with Iran over the last several months, and will have more to say in the days to come. For now, let’s leave it with Michael Ramirez, who reminds us that we are relying on the most duplicitous, most shameless and least reliable president in modern history. Click to enlarge: