The Democrats’ Hillary Problem: They Have No One Else

If accused of schadenfreude, I plead guilty. I am enjoying watching Hillary twist in the wind, as Democratic politicians conspicuously refrain from coming to her defense, Democratic reporters feel obliged to cover the story of her secret email system, and–best of all–it appears that the story broke when it did because the White House fed it to the New York Times. Another skirmish in the war between the Obamas and the Clintons? Perhaps so.

One thing we are learning as the email story plays out is that lots of Democrats really don’t like Hillary. This shouldn’t be a surprise; who would? But the Democrats have a huge problem: as bad as Hillary is as a presidential candidate, they don’t have anyone better. Hence the current sense of suspended animation. Michael Ramirez sums up the situation beautifully. Click to enlarge:


The Democrats are a geriatric party. If the Republicans have the sense to nominate a young, vigorous candidate like Marco Rubio or Scott Walker, the contrast will be painfully–or, from our perspective, pleasantly–obvious.


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