Clinton’s 7 pearls of wisdom, with a little help from CNN

Bill Clinton spoke at Georgetown University on Tuesday as part of his annual lecture series at his alma mater. In the speech he offered both political and personal advice to students. Seeking to do its part to gild the Clinton lilly for some mysterious reason, CNN has extracted “7 pearls of wisdom from Bill Clinton’s Georgetown speech.”

Here is one such pearl of wisdom officially recognized by CNN: “This is becoming more important than every before — in an interdependent world, whether we like it or not, inclusive politics is necessary to have inclusive economics. Inclusive discussion with various stakeholders is necessary to have various social change.” This officially recognized pearl of wisdom might make a reader wonder if English is the speaker’s native language.

Another of the officially recognized pearls of wisdom is captured in the video below as Clinton declares ISIS “the most interesting nongovernmental organization in the world today.” What makes it more “interesting” than al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and all the rest? Some “pearls” — actually, CNN’s seven Clintonian “pearls” — can’t withstand much of an examination.

This officially recognized Clintonian pearl of wisdom might go down better with a laugh track: “We all find our purpose in our own lives. If you work at i[t, i]t will come.”

Video via Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard.


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