This Week with the Democratic Operative, spit-take edition

I wrote about the interview conducted with Peter Schweizer by George Stephanopoulos in “For the Clinton defense.” Toward the end of the interview, Stephanopoulous suggested that Schweizer’s work in the Bush administration somehow discredits his research.

I thought that was funny, because his past work for President Bush put Schweizer at more than one remove from a direct interest in the subject of the book, whereas Stepanopoulos had worked directly for Bill Clinton in the 1992 presidential campaign and in the White House. I declared the interview a complete and utter farce.

The proper response to Stephanopoulos’s question of Schweizer’s bona fides would have been what the Danny Thomas spit-take as taught at the old Albert Brooks Famous School of Comedy (video below).

Now Andrew Stiles reports that Stephanopolous has made a $50,000 donation three $25,000 donations to the Clinton Foundation that he failed to disclose in connection with the interview. It’s too late for the Danny Thomas spit-take, but not too late for Stephanopoulos to resign or be fired.

NOTE: Joshua Green of Bloomberg Politics quotes Peter providing the verbal equivalent of the Danny Thomas double take here.


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