Media Alert [Updated]

I will be on Bill Bennett’s radio show tomorrow morning at 7:05 Eastern, talking about my post Donald Trump Was Right. If you don’t know where to get Bill’s show on your radio, you can listen online.

The good news is, I am in England where the time will be 12:05, so for once I won’t have to set the alarm and put on a pot of coffee to do Bill’s show. The bad news is that the place where I am staying, which is not just rural but remote, has no cell phone reception. So I will have to venture into a town to do the show. Don’t miss it!


UPDATE: Several readers have wondered what I am doing in England. As noted here, my wife, youngest daughter and I attended Joe Malchow’s wedding in Blackheath, just outside of London, on the 4th of July. Beyond that, our trip has focused on the usual cultural highlights–museums, historic sites, and so on:



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