More Reader Reactions on Trump

Last weekend I declared an “open thread” on Trump along with some “interrogatories,” which is a little misleading since all of our posts are open to comment with everyone who is signed up for one of the filtering mechanisms that prohibit anonymous comments. (We do this, FYI, to keep the comment threads from spinning out of control as many anonymous comment boards do, as none of us have time to moderate and approve comments individually.) You can go back and review the vigorous discussion that took place there.

I also encouraged interested readers not signed up for one of the filters to email me directly, which, as I expected, generated a lot of longer than typical comments, many of them very good. A common theme emerges: People like someone who is a direct, bare-knuckled fighter against the establishment, and especially the media. Here’s a sample of a few comments:

What Trump has done is to call out the media rather than cowering from them. He has responded effectively to their snide attacks. He has raised an issue in an effective and compelling way that other Republican candidates treat as if it were bloodless accounting. Most of the other leading candidates have covered themselves in shame in l’ affaire Trump, immediately rushing to agree with the media by responding, “Look I’m not nearly as nuts as that guy!” Perry has responded to Trump’s McCain bash by trying to drape himself in the mantle of defender of Veterans’ honor, a blatantly transparent political ploy. He comes across like Otter in Animal House.

A reader from Boulder, CO:

Trump insults media figures crudely, and this has a ju-jitsu effect. They think the insults reflect badly on Trump, so they report the insults prominently; but their reports have the opposite effect on most people. In particular, the GOP base loathes the media far more than anyone in media ever suspected. We’ve been wanting to see someone put them in their place for a very, very long time.

Trump will show his lack of conservatism in due course, and I will criticize him for that reason at that time. Meanwhile, Go Donald! And many thanks for raising immigration policy as the very important issue it is.

I suspect this one from Gregory Ludvigsen is on to something:

I have spoken to number of Democrats that have said they will vote for Trump.  Many people are frustrated with both the Republicans and Democrats.  They don’t keep their promises.  If the only thing Trump did was to build a border fence and take control of the Borders, many of the people I know, on the Left, Right and Independent would see that as a great accomplishment.  But the people I talk to like Trump because they believe he will put America First, American Citizens and Legal Residents and American Workers. He will put American interest over those of international corporations and banks.   He will actually stand up for, rather than apologize for the USA.  No one I have talked to, is especially worried about detailed plans, they are used to politicians lying about those.  They believe his heart and intent are in the right place and that he has a record of accomplishment, and does not see the need to play the PC game.

And this one is probably on to something, too:

Trump might best be described as your uncouth cousin who is an embarrassment at family gatherings but is the first person you’d quietly call for help when threatened.

I’ll have more to say in due course, following up on Angelo Codevilla’s guest article here the other day. (Lots and lots of comments on that one, too.)


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