What Sen. Cruz said

The charter for the Export-Import Bank ended on June 30. That’s the good news. Congress now seems to be resurrecting the bank. That’s the bad news. The Wall Street Journal editorial reporting the events in process is “Raising Ex-Im from the dead” (accessible via Google here).

The Journal editorial states that, as part of the trade bill jostling, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised Democrats a vote on renewing the Ex-Im Bank. Senator Cruz took to the floor yesterday to, ummm, discuss the process and accuse Senator McConnell of lying about it (video below). Cruz’s speech has been widely reported. Politico’s story on it is here.

Senator Cruz’s presidential campaign is of course the backdrop to the speech. The Atlantic’s Russell Berman provides a cynical gloss on Cruz’s speech in which Allahpundit joins here. Senator McConnell himself appears to be exercising his right to remain silent.

Video via The Right Scoop.