Obama Relies On Hollywood and Anti-Semites to Sell Iran Deal

I wrote here about the Obama administration’s use of a YouTube video starring Hollywood celebrities like Morgan Freeman and comedian Jack Black to promote its Iran deal. The video is entirely fact-free, but for the bare assertion that absent the agreement, we will all be killed in a nuclear war. Seriously.

Today Michael Ramirez ridiculed Obama’s Hollywood outreach campaign:


That’s bad enough. Even worse is the Obama administration’s reliance on the flatly anti-Semitic site Mondoweiss to augment its Army of the Ignorant. Today the administration’s Twitter site @TheIranDeal, set up to advocate for the Iran agreement, tweeted a shout-out to Mondoweiss so that its silly arguments about the Iran deal would reach that site’s poisonous readership:

The ignorant, the celebrity-obsessed, and hard-core haters of Israel and the Jews: what a despicable coalition the administration has assembled on behalf of its indefensible proposal to finance the mullahs!


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