Report: Iranian intelligence agency must approve all nuclear inspectors

The more we learn about President Obama’s nuclear deal, the more farcical the deal becomes. Today, reports Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon, a senior Iranian official declared that international nuclear inspectors will only be permitted into the country once they receive approval from the Islamic Republic’s Intelligence Ministry.

Is this an accurate statement of what was agreed to? I don’t know; we aren’t allowed to see the complete agreement. But this is Iran’s position, and thus it will become the deal, whatever is actually written.

Good to know.

As Michael Rubin says, Iran’s announcement is the latest manifestation of the incredible, shrinking inspections system on which Obama’s deal depends. First, the president give in on his original position of “anytime, anywhere” inspections. Then, he agreed that Americans can’t be part of the inspections process and that Iran will do its own soil sampling.

Now, apparently, all IAEA inspectors have to be approved by Iranian intelligence.

What’s next, blindfolds for the inspectors?


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